Bev Taylor
Contact Details: email: Mobile: 07747465600 Office: (01484) 225799
Shaun Jordan
Huddersfield Representative
Member of NEWSOME TRA Contact Details: email: Phone: 01484 340209

The area known as Huddersfield District covers 7 Council wards, which are Ashbrow, Newsome, Dalton, Greenhead, Lindley, Crosland moor and Netherton ward and Almondbury. This area has the most groups, some are traditional Tenants and Residents groups, some are Community groups and some are interest groups.

The groups that we support in the Huddersfield District are:

Ashbrow Ward
Ashwood Close TRA in Deighton
Bradley TRA
Keldregate TRA
Keldregate Community Café
Netherwood Close TRA Fixby
Abbey Road TRA
Richmond Avenue TRA at Fartown

Newsome Ward
Blagden Farm TRA
Longley and Lowerhouses TRA
Mon Realm
Newsome TRA
Newsome Crafty Chatterers

Dalton Ward
Kirkheaton TRA
Longfield and Ridgeway TRA, Dalton
Rawthorpe TRA
Standiforth TRA
Cottage Homes Community group

Trinity and Greenhead Community and Residents Association
Friends of Springwood

Lindley Ward
Deercroft TRA
Salendine Nook TRA
Malham Action Group
Fern Lea Flats TRA, Lindley

Crosland Moor and Netherton
Netherton TRA
Walpole and Balmoral TRA

Almondbury Ward
Almondbury South TRA
Almondbury Central TRA
Highlands TRA

All our groups are different, some have premises and are very active, most of the groups with premises run at least 3-4 Community activities every week. Naturally, we are very proud of all our groups and volunteers, as every one of them makes a difference to someone or something in their Communities. If you would like to know more about any of the groups or would like help to set up a group in your area, please feel free to contact me on 07747465600 or