Dewsbury & Mirfield


Camran Ishaq
Contact Details: email: Mobile: 07815 892934 Office: (01484) 225799
Lilian Sanders
Dewsbury & Mirfield Representative
Member of Wroe Street, TRA Contact Details: email: Mobile: 07811 765363
Bruce Bellwood
Dewsbury & Mirfield Representative
Member of Lees Moor TRA Contact Details: email: Mobile:
Ann Durkin
Vice Chair
Member of Wroe Street, TRA Contact Details: email: Contact: 01924 235227

Dewsbury and Mirfield Highlights and Background

Officially recognised TRAs in Dewsbury & Mirfield


Batley Carr (Dewsbury)

Becketts Estate

Boothroyd Green







Lees Moor

Northstead & District


Riverview Apartments Residents Association (Johnny Johnson)



Shaw Cross

Thornhill Lees Central

Walker Street

Wroe Street

The following areas have a recognised Community Voice:

Blackers Court

Heron Close

Lower Hopton



Dewsbury and Mirfield Highlights and Background

  • 3 Community Panels with increased attendance each time
  • Community allotment and gardening project at Lees Moor
  • Substantial support from the neighbourhood board members, in particular Lilian Sanders who has attended a vast amount of meetings and events
  • A number of TRA groups revived
  • A number of groups have signed up to the Communities Who Can project
  • Breakfast clubs at Chickenley and Wroe Street
  • Chicken farm and Grow your own project at Chickenley
  • Community events and galas across the neighbourhood, most notably at Northstead, Overthorpe, Canterbury and Wroe Street to name but a few
  • Approx 50k external funding obtained by various TRAs
  • Significant work done by Overthorpe TRA ranging including community events, canal boat trips and young people activities
  • Community Cohesion and Intergenerational work carried out by Kumon Y’all
  • A number of training sessions carried out within the neighbourhood
  • Regular coffee mornings, Bingo sessions and Luncheon clubs across the neighbourhood
  • Excellent partnership working with Councillors, Kirklees, KNH and other agency officers
  • Successful crafts club running in the neighbourhood
  • Well attended and informative Tenant Committee and Area Forum meetings
  • Good representation from the neighbourhood on the KFTRA Board


  • Very Multicultural
  • 5 Wards, 15 Cllrs
  • Deprived Areas
  • Negative Publicity
  • Strong Membership
  • New ways of working


  • KFTRA Board – 4 Members from D&M
  • Overthorpe Events
  • Lees Moor Allotment Project
  • Luncheon Clubs / Coffee Mornings
  • Stronger Groups, Increased Attendances
  • Christmas Events


To work towards making groups Stronger, Self Sufficient and Independent. To try and set up new groups in unrepresented estates such as;

  • Ravensthorpe (Lee Estate, Spen Valley
  • Moorside
  • Ouzelwell
  • Pilgrim