Get Involved

Get involved! Communities Who Can, will help

Do you have some spare time?

Would you like to be more involved in your community?

Do you want to improve services locally?

Then join us – here’s how! No matter how much or how little you can offer, it all helps us to improve our communities and make a difference.

If you have little time (half an hour spare from time to time) you could get involved in:

  • Chat Café

Come along occasionally and chat with volunteers and staff about how things can be improved. These cafes are only held twice a year, but give you a chance to have your say.

  • Email group

Join our email group and receive updates and respond to questionnaires about services from the comfort of your own home

  • Estate Inspections

Join our band of inspectors and meet with your housing officer once every 3-4 months to have a look round your community and point out things that need improving. You will then receive a report showing what action has been taken

  • Befriender

If you would like to be a befriender and spend a little time supporting isolated people locally, calling in for a chat, doing a bit of shopping, you can join our growing team of friends that help out their neighbours. We can offer support, advice and training and help you get the right paperwork.

If you have a bit more time (1-2 hours a week), then you could become a:

  • Communities who can volunteer

Use your skills to help out, whatever it is you are good at: delivering leaflets; driving; baking; making tea at events; advising others, calling bingo, computers; talking, listening. The list is endless

  • Communities who can – friend

Can you help neighbours and older people with shopping, going to activities, gardening, clearing snow or leaves or just being a friendly ear to listen to concerns and signpost people to agencies who can help? Let us know and we will make sure you have the skills and support to do this. You can be doing as little or as much for people as you like

  • Community Voice

A more formal representative for your street or neighbourhood. Someone who can be involved with Communities Who Can (KFTRA), work with partners like Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing or Pinnacle officers and attend meetings about improving services.

Our Fieldworkers can help to sign you up.

  • Attend panels and forums

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and Communities who Can (KFTRA) have many panels and forums that you can choose to be involved in. Safer Cleaner Greener group look at issues on our estates from grass cutting to safety and meets 6 times a year. Quality Homes Group works with Building Services to look at the quality of investment and repairs to properties and meets 4 times a year. Community Panels bring groups and individuals together to discuss common issues and meet 4 times a year.

If you have lot of time and want to make a real difference there are opportunities to be involved in decision making locally and across Kirklees

  • Tenants and Residents Association or Community led group

Join a local group and be involved in planning local activities such as clean-ups, galas, youth clubs and much much more. Groups work closely with the Council and Councillors as well as Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing to improve our communities. If there is no group in your area and you would like to look at setting one up then please get in touch.

  • Board member

Overseeing all the work of Communities who can (KFTRA), volunteer Board Members run the organisation and are our strategic Directors. To be a Board member you must be on a local group and have enough time to commit to monthly Board meetings. You must then be nominated by your group to a vacant position on the Board.

  • Tenant Led Scrutiny

Since the change in regulation for Housing, Tenant Led Scrutiny is the way tenants check and scrutinise the services they receive from their landlord. This could be the cleaning of communal areas or grass cutting as an example. This requires a focussed investigation and dedicated volunteers who commit time and energy for a fixed period until the scrutiny investigation is complete (This could be up to 4 hours per week).

  • Complaints Panel

From time to time Communities Who Can are called upon to deal with a Housing complaint that has not been resolved. We call on a band of trained volunteers to help investigate and try to find solutions. Sometimes problems can be resolved but sometimes they may need to be referred to the Government Ombudsman.

  • Mystery Shopping

Join our band of volunteers checking out services by posing as customers, carrying out services and recording information. Bring out the spy within and help us and Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing to improve services.


Help, advice, funding and training is available through Communities Who Can (KFTRA) and our partners. You can speak to your fieldworker or any member of staff about getting involved. Ring 225799, email or contact us on Facebook at KFTRA in Kirklees.

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