Health & Wellbeing Project Evaluation

Crossley TRA

“Yvonne continues to organise various fantastic events for the residents of Crossley ”.

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Eightlands and Ashworth Hobbies & Crafts Club

The idea of the project was to create a social setting for the residents of both Eightlands and Ashworth Estates to come together and participate in craft activities as well as hobbies of their choice.

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Mel started volunteering at the heart foundation and found a reason to get up in a morning again.

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Kirklees in Need (North Kirklees)

Kirklees in Need are one of our new Associate members. They provide an opportunity for people to share stuff and get out of the house and meet each other, learn new skills and support one another.

For more information please view the Kirklees in Need Storey Board.


Health & Wellbeing Project Survey

We would like your help  by  completing our survey below.

This will feed into an evaluation of the first year of our health and wellbeing project in which we encourage TRAs and community-led groups to deliver local projects to tackle local issues.
So really we are finding out from our membership what they feel about volunteering or lending a hand, or whatever they do.
What benefits do you get out of  your community activities and what motivates you to take part in community activities?.

The survey will be anonymous and we would really appreciate your help by clicking the link below.

Health & Wellbeing Project Survey